Biggest Problems that Come Out of Worcester Groundhog Digging

The Worcester groundhogs have a habit of creating a very intricate den. Their burrow may extend to a total of 66 feet. They can have multiple chambers and different entrances. They have several burrows that they will use contingent upon the availability of the food source and the weather. They have a separate den for the winter that they can use for hibernation. They will establish the nesting chamber at the edge of their main burrow. In addition, they also have a separate chamber for different functions. While this may appear impressive, their habit of digging holes can lead to costly damages. 

Damages You May Incur from Groundhog Infestation

The damages that the Massachusettsgroundhogs cause may often be hidden on plain sight. By the time that you discover it, the problems are so severe that it has affected the entirety of your property. Here are some of the possible damages that you may incur.

Weaken the Foundation of the House

The burrow of the groundhog will resemble an underground maze. In order to ensure that their den will remain stable, they will choose to build it close to human structure such as under our shed or close to our house. Perhaps you have no idea that this small creature will not have the capacity to cause damage to our house that is made out of concrete. You will be surprised to know how destructive this tiny creature can be.

The digging habit of the groundhog will rearrange the soil that surrounds the foundation of our Massachusetts house. The dirt that is used to keep our foundation tightly fixed on the ground will be removed by this creature. This may expose the crucial part of the house foundation. The water that might seep into the concrete will wear away the foundation and will eventually lead to cracks.

Damaged Electrical and Plumbing System

The incessant digging habit of the Massachusetts groundhog may accidentally damage our underground electrical wirings and plumbing system. The continuous leaking of the pipes without us being aware may increase our monthly water consumption. Exposed live wires on the other hand can lead to electrocution. To avoid this situation, be sure to take immediate action as soon as you notice a loose soil and burrow in your yard. This is a sign of the active groundhog infestation.

Damaged Lawns

Apart from the electrical wires and the pipes, the groundhog may also damage the root of our trees and plants. This may stun the development of the plant and can sometime lead to the destruction of the crops. It may also make our lawn look unsightly. Maintaining a lawn can be troublesome in the presence of the groundhog.

The damages that they can cause can be unimaginable and be problematic. In order to avoid severe issue, you need to call a Worcester woodchuck removal expert to get rid of the source of your problem. The burrowing of this creature can remain unnoticed for months. In case this happens, the problem you are facing can be significant and expensive.  

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