Don't Let Cage-Shy Massachusetts Squirrels Be a Challenge for You! How to Trap Them!

When it comes to wildlife infestation, some Worcester people prefer to do things themselves hoping that they would be able to save some cash. People will normally think that setting up the trap is relatively easy. You simply have to place the bait on the pan, and set-up the trapping device. However, there will come a time when the squirrel will learn to avoid these traps. 

What to Do With a Cage-Shy Squirrel

There are different reasons why trapping the Massachusetts squirrel seems to be a challenge. Perhaps you are not using the right bait. Placement of the trap is also crucial when capturing them. Trapping wildlife creatures is considered a skill. You need to have the training and experience to be considered an expert in this field.

Selecting the Right Trap

The process of trapping the squirrel will start from choosing the best trap. We recommend the use of the Massachusetts live trap that will permit you to catch the squirrel without causing them harm. The size should be enough to allow the squirrel to fit inside the trap before activating the trigger. Contingent upon the type of squirrel specie that you want to capture, you may need a trap that has a length of about 15 to 25 inches. Traps that are intended for squirrels are available in two types.

  • 1-door- this is the traditional type of trap. The wildlife removal Worcester pros will normally use this type of trap. This enables you to place the bait away from the trigger mechanism.
  • 2-door- this will yield a better catch rate. This is a see-through trap that is excellent for the cage-shy squirrels.

  • Placement of the Trap

    The Massachusetts trap should be positioned at a leveled surface. It should also be in conjunction with the path of the squirrel. In case you are unsure of their path, the best place to set them up would be at the base of the tree or near their entry points. Compared to other nuisance creature, it will not be difficult to encounter a squirrel in the open areas. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are active during daytime. 

    Choosing the Bait

    You will need to look for bait that the squirrel will not be able to steal. You may spread considerable amount of peanut butter on the bait pan or plate. You need to set the bait in a way that the squirrel will interact with the trigger mechanism. This will greatly increase the chance of catching them. 

    After following our tips above, you should be able to catch even the cage-shy Worcester squirrel. You need to check on the trap periodically to ensure that the squirrel will not experience unnecessary suffering. When releasing the squirrel, wear protective gloves to keep yourself safe from the attack of an agitated squirrel. On the off chance that the methods above did not resolve your squirrel infestation, it is probably time for you to hire the professionals. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself on the regulations and laws that protect wildlife creatures before conducting any removal method. 

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