Can You Use a Cage Trap to Catch a Massachusetts Bat? Is it the Best Idea?

Non-game wildlife creatures are protected under our law. This means that it would be illegal to take them. Killing, hunting, harassing, and capturing them are considered unlawful. Bats are considered non-game wildlife creatures. On top of that, 6 types of bats are considered endangered. You should never try to capture them. Otherwise, you will face some legal repercussions.

Why Should You Not Use Cage Trap Against Worcester Bats?

According to the law, no lethal means should be use when capturing the Massachusetts bats. Using fly paper and glue boards are also against the law. The bats that have been caught using glue traps will suffer an irreversible damage on their wings. Cage traps will not give them the freedom to flap their wings. They can also acquire injury which is illegal under the law.

Bat Exclusion

Capturing bats are not allowed under the law. According to the law, the bat removal method should start from the identification of the entry holes. This should only be conducted using visual inspection. The contractor will be responsible in sealing all the noticeable gaps and cracks. After completing this process, they will have to install the exclusion funnel. They are not allowed to use any means since this can harm the bats. There are various types of exclusion box available in the market but you are advised to choose a box specifically designed for bats.


Removal of the bats will require you to carry the necessary permits and licenses. Even the professional Massachusetts removal company will need to have permits when performing exclusion. Moreover, you will only be allowed to perform exclusion if the bat is posing a threat to the safety of the public. The department that is responsible of dealing with this matter (usually it would be the DOH) will be providing you with a specific set of instructions. You should follow the task carefully in order to stay away from any issues.

Encouraging Them to Leave

As we mentioned above, you are only allowed to perform exclusion during specific months. On the off chance that the Massachusetts bat ended up on your living room accidentally, you may encourage them to leave by giving them an escape route. In most instances, a bat that ended up inside your house will be healthy. Simply close the doors and open the window that leads outdoor. This is a simple way of removing them from your property.

Most states will encourage their residents to bat-proof their Worcester home instead of performing exclusions. This is due to the fact that bats can deliver a range of benefits. They can fertilize the land and control the population of the insects. In fact, they are considered as an asset on agricultural settings since they will eat insects that destroy crops. In the urban setting, they can ingest a considerable amount of mosquitoes that cause disease. Your outdoor environment would be extra safe when you have bats. If you don’t want them in your attic, consider adding a bat home away from your property.

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